If you are a “rich” & single one

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Sailing cruises for single gay. Sail just with the captain in two or with two or three gays. Make a great gay present for you.If you are single gay and you would like to sail only with the captain or with the captain and crew, you can rent the yacht just for yourself in the most convenient period for you.

It is a perfect offer for those who would like to sail just with the other man or would like to sail alone with 2 – 3 crew members and be treated specially.

The crew will be at your orders and will fulfil your dreams and desires.

Well, life is a short one, so make a great present for you and let us treat you like a king ๐Ÿ™‚

If you are the only one crew member, we can plan the sailing route together and visit the place in your own desired rhythm. We can have time for swimming, snorkelling, fishing and just relax with the good drink or glass of wine.

The prices start from 5000 USD for 7 unforgettable nights.

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