Grenada and the Grenadines – 7 days cruises

Each cruise lasts 1 week.

Depending on weather conditions and the crew sailing’s attitude,  we would like to take you to the following places:

1. We start our voyage at the PORT LOUIS MARINA GRENADA  in St. George’s , capital of Grenada

Grenada, ‘The Spice Isle of the Caribbean’, is a rolling, mountainous island, abundant with fragrant plants and rare tropical flowers, dotted with crater lakes and teeming with a wide variety of animal life. Bordered by stunning, unspoilt white and black sand beaches, this verdant island has for centuries been a major source of nutmeg, cloves, ginger, cinnamon and cocoa. Grenada’s bustling Market Square, historic forts, spice plantations, rum distilleries, and colourful coral gardens add to the island’s appeal. Consider a tour of the many beautiful waterfalls nestled in the lush rain forest surroundings, or an outing to the organic chocolate factory or spice plantation. Visit the crater lake at Grand Etang National Park and Forest Preserve. True Blue Bay is close to shopping, while Grand Anse Beach is a premier spot for beachcombers, divers and hikers. Throughout the year, Grenada also hosts many exciting cultural celebrations and sporting events such as The Grenada Sailing Festival, Easter Round Grenada Race, Grenada Classics Regatta and various other informal races.

2. St. George’s , capital of Grenada – Dragon Bay

After a short sailing trip, we will spend a night in Dragon Bay. We will sail the first time as a crew and we will enjoy the night and the anchorage having supper under the star-filled sky. After planned activities, you can enjoy your free time snorkeling or exploring the beach.
Snorkeling let us see a new concept that combines art and coral’s protection has been developed. It’s what they call an underwater sculpture park and it has 68 different attractions dispersed along the shallow waters off Moliniere Point. It’s a great place to go snorkeling
Created by the British sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor, the project aimed to build an artificial barrier where the coral and other marine life could migrate to and find a new home in an area that was highly devastated by Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

3. Dragon Bay – Ronde Island

The third day will bring us more sailing, this time we will experience swells from the open Atlantic. We will head to Ronde Island. It will be a real sailing experience as the anchorage may be rather rolly and the night could be very windy, however beautiful crystal clear waters, a beautiful sandy beach and vibrant bird population including white and brown diving pelicans, definitely will recompense all difficulties.

4. Carriacou – Union Island

On the Island, we will stop into the town of Hillsborough, which is built on a wonderful beach, the town offers charming seaside dining and just a short walk from the docks, the museum features an eclectic collection of artwork and historical pieces. In pursuit of local culture, we stop into one of the many rum shops or watch the locals build boats by traditionally by eye on the beach.

5. Union Island – Tobago Cays

On Union Island, we have to visit Clifton Harbour to complete customs and immigration clearance out of Grenada. Clifton is the island’s main town and a bustling small port that’s full of color where you’re welcomed by warm, friendly islanders. The roads and trails offer some of the best hiking and biking in the Grenadines.

6. Tobago Cays – Petit Martinique

From Union Islands, we are heading to the Tobago Marine Park. We are going to explore Horseshoe Reef which, nearly encircles the four main cays, and beyond its protective embrace is Petit Tabac. One of the premier snorkeling and diving locales within the Grenadines, and the entire Windward chain.

7. Petit Martinique – PORT LOUIS MARINA GRENADA in St. George’s, capital of Grenada
We are heading “home”, to our marina. We will have a chance to see the capital city of Grenada which is an 18th-century gem with its mix of colonial buildings crowned by orange fish-scale tiles and its multicolored homes, all along with an emerald green backdrop. We will stroll along St George’s narrow streets, perusing the shops and smelling the delicious aromas wafting out from the many great restaurants and bars. We will stop by Bay Gardens, and marvel at over 3,000 species of Caribbean plants. The Carenage along the inner harbor is perfect for a scenic waterfront walk and on Saturdays, the place to be in St George’s Market Square. We will finish our sightsing tour overlooking the harbor to the west, Fort George is a local landmark built in 1705 that offers spectacular hilltop views and is open to visitors. Now it’s time to start planning your next holiday with us – we invite you to Tonga, Belize or Haiti.