Who can join us

Our website was created for all gays and lesbians who would like to spend time together either on yachts in the Caribbean and Pacific Paradise or exploring St. Lucia, Grenada, Belize, or Mexico.

We do genuinely believe that in the group of like-minded individuals, you will feel like fish in the water.

There is not any age, race, or sexual orientation restrictions. However, the website is created mainly for gays and lesbians, but if you are bi, you are also welcome. We do not discriminate heterosexuals too.

The sailing holiday is for actives ones. You should not be an athlete, but you must be healthy and have at least average physical condition, and it would be great if you can swim as there are lots of opportunities to swim, snorkel, and exploring the coral reef.

If you cannot swim, you are still allowed to join us; however, definitely tell us about that fact as we need to have “an eye” for you.

Alcohol and smoking are allowed on the board. However, we do not accept any form of narcotics – soft or hard.

Please follow that rule; otherwise, we will be forced to ask you to leave the crew in the first possible place.

We know that this holiday will be one that you will remember for ever!